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Welcome to The Dating Angel! I offer advice packages and downloads that are confidential, extremely convenient, and highly effective at helping you find happiness and peace RIGHT NOW. If you are sick and tired of being miserable and unhappy in your current relationship or just done feeling lonely, you have come to the right place. I will revolutionize how you think about dating and relationships using a process that has been a lifetime in the making. Not ready to buy? That's ok! You can become a member for free and check out my blog below in the meantime! 

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  • HotGuy

    If You Think You Are HOT, Read This! (Read it even if you don't:-))

    So interesting that I developed this theory: People who seem to have been born physically attractive were meant to do great things on earth. They were meant to use their God-given “marketing tools”, like their sexy eyes, perfect bone structure, great bodies and pearly whites to effortlessly grab the attention of someone in emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental need and pedal to them some use ...

  • blogimageironing

    Doing Everything for Him is Making Him Uncomfortable!

    Do you give your man or woman everything? Do you make it SO easy for him or her? Do you drop everything when he or she calls? Do you do his laundry? Do you make him dinner, make his lunches? Do you run all her errands for her? Do you give him undivided attention? Do you plan date night and all he or she has to do is show up? Do you get this kind of treatment in return? If the answer is “no”, I be ...

  • Parentsteach

    What Did Your Parents Teach You About Relationships?

    If you were to take a trip down memory lane, what do you remember learning from your parents about dating and relationships?   When you were growing up, did your mom or dad teach you “beginning dating” or be ready for a meaningful relationship? Probably you were in church every Sunday or you were “fortunate” to take piano lessons, and practice, of course.  Did you receive, “How to prep ...

  • Microwave

    A Classic Case of Emotional Baggage

    I have SO MANY things to write about but haven’t set the time aside to write. I miss writing though. It is a good outlet for me. Here is something I have wanted to tell you about:    My mother had two microwaves. One of the microwaves was up at her lake home and the other microwave was at her house. Both microwaves had a dial on it that needed to be turned in a counter clockwise positi ...

  • Best Love Letter of All - YouTube Video

    I published my first youtube video. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIG9XPh0oCg&feature=youtu.be ...

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